Weekly Update - June 7, 2016

posted Jun 7, 2016, 10:17 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 18, 2016, 3:11 PM by Bryan Andersen ]
This is Jessica Brenden, Principal of Miller Elementary with your LONG overdue weekly Miller Message!  You might want to get a pen because there are many end of year reminders in this week’s message.  I will play 20 seconds of “hold music” while you get a pen and paper. (music)  The hold music you heard is courtesy of Alex Cornell, a musician who was tired of being on hold.  The first year-end reminder I have for you is to turn in your pre-registration forms.  These are the forms that were sent home with the current information that we have on file for you.  Whether there are changes for you or not, please make note of your plans for next year and return the form to school.  If you need another one, give us a call and we will send another home.  Second reminder:  If you have checked in medications to the school office, they need to be picked up by June 24 or they will be disposed.  This includes medications that went to Outdoor School with fifth graders.  Again, all medications left at school after June 24 will be destroyed.  Third reminder:  Our school office will be open until June 28, and then will reopen on August 15 for business.  Fourth reminder:  Field day is coming!  If you would like to volunteer, be sure to call Leslie Caudillo here at Miller to coordinate.  Field day is a week from today, which is June 14.  Fifth reminder: our fifth grade recognition event is scheduled for Monday at 2:15.  Fifth grade parents, please plan on attending as you are able. Final reminder:  our last day of school is Tuesday, June 14.